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About Us

The Mobiltech Solution is a one of a kind solution which allows for complete Box Design, Tooling Development, Manufacturing, Repair/Refurbishment, Kitting and Distribution.

The major benefits to our customer base is an enhanced and simplified supply chain, one point of contact, reduction of vendors/suppliers that need to be managed and shorten time to market, as well as overall cost savings.


Our Services

Forward Logistic

  • Order Fulfillment - Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Retail or bulk pack
  • Consumer direct, warehouse replenishment
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management

Reverse Logistics

  • Centralized returns
  • Triage and disposition
  • Advance Exchange Swap
  • Warranty claim management
  • Replacement stock management

Repair & Refurbishment

  • Repair / Refurbish
  • Whole Unit Repair & Return
  • Consumer Direct/Bulk
  • Component Level Repair
  • Complete Remanufacturing

Other Value Added Services

  • Buy / Sell Process
  • Parts Reclamation
  • Parts Refurbishment


Our Partners

Motivating Graphics Group's Horizontal Integration positions itself as a leader in Telecom Services Industry with services not offered by any other service company

Our global footprint allows for expandable services and support


Motivating Graphics

Depth of experience managing large scale printing operations coupled with technologically advanced equipment positions the company as a leader in the printing industry.

Ray Clark, President & CEO

Established 1976

TexStar International

TexStar International is a Broker and Logistics company in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sylvia Clark, President

Established 2006

MobilTech Global Services

MobilTech Global Services offers receiving, storage, pick and pack, fulfillment and shipping services to the Telecommunications Services industry. Product repair, refurbishment, kitting and distribution are also among services available

Robert Mueller, President

Established 2014

Quality Certifications

Mobiltech Global Services has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Passed Certification Audit on August 1st, 2019.


Our facility

We offer a multitude of capabilities .

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We have our custom developed Shop Floor Control system

Our modern system is able to interface with our customer ERP to interchange product and logistic information. How we own the code, we have the flexibility to adjust our system to meet our customers needs.

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  • sales@mobiltechglobal.com